Clinician-Researcher Fellowships

(Supporting Research & Scientists)
Mentoring and supporting clinician-researchers early in their academic career.

Specific Research Foci & Approaches

    1. energy metabolism and disease
    2. neuroendocrinology & addiction
    3. data science, food transparency, and public health
    4. translating science into policy and law
    5. food reformulation/re-engineering that supports metabolic health
    6. science that transforms the food system to produce healthy outcomes


Training to encourage integration of research with medical practice, translational / applied science, public health education, law and science-based policy change.


Fellows will work directly with Dr. Lustig, receiving his mentorship and guidance while pursuing key lines of research (prioritized and partially funded by the RHL Research Foundation).

Supporting Scientists/Researchers in Their Careers

The RHL Research Foundation develops programs to foster talented scientists and researchers in advancing careers in research, science, and medicine and encourage participation in applied science projects.

Special projects may be assigned with scholarship grants attached that advance the scientific interests of the RHL Research Foundation.

Scientific Advisory Team

The Robert H. Lustig Research Foundation supports a Scientific Advisory Team (SAT) commissioned to inform and empower the development of best in class (nourishing, delicious, affordable, commercially viable) food and beverages that support metabolic well-being. The SAT is comprised of leading experts in the fields of metabolic health and nutrition, medicine, research, food data science, public health education, and consumer advocacy. The efforts of this team, working on behalf of KDD are featured on the United Nations Food System Summits Dialogues website: The SAT is in the process of writing a peer review methods paper, abstract, and academic presentation that will be featured at an international symposium on metabolic health and nutrition in June of 2022:

Robert H. Lustig, MD, MSL

SAT Chair

Pediatric Neuroendocrinologist, Clinician/Researcher, Global Leader in Metabolic Health, best-selling author of Fat ChanceHacking of the American Mind, and Metabolical.

Personal website

Rachel Gow, PhD

Nutritional Neuroscientist, Neuropsychologist and Neurodevelopmental specialist with expertise in a range of mental health conditions and associative learning and behaviour differences. In addition, Dr Gow is a Registered Nutritionist and author.

Personal website

Timothy S. Harlan, MD, FACP, CCMS

Practicing, board-certified Internist, Associate Professor of Medicine at George Washington University, Director of the GW Culinary Medicine Program, award winning chef, and author.

Culinary Medicine

Dr. Gourmet website

Andreas Kornstaedt, PhD

Founder/CEO, Perfact Corporation. Andreas Kornstaedt holds a Ph.D. in informatics from Hamburg University. He is a graduate of the Stanford Graduate School of Business Venture Studio and for 5 years carried out research at Stanford University’s Center for Computer-Assisted Research in the Humanities.

Wolfram Alderson, MS

Executive Manager, Human & Environmental Health, KDD, leader in the field of metabolic health and nutrition, CEO Hypoglycemia Support Foundation, Founder and CEO of the Robert H. Lustig Research Foundation, and Co-Founder, Perfect Corporation.